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What Really Works in Literacy Education? Read Australia

About Read Australia ®

Miss Emma has a BEd Hons and a Masters Degree in Special Educational Needs (Dyslexia focus) She has spent the last decade supporting parents and teachers across Australia, supporting a community of Australians who are passionate about not only raising standards of literacy but also exciting students about books.

'I created a program to help teachers focus on the organisation of teaching and learning, and in the process of sharing what I have found 'works' have realised that there are huge issues with regards to
'education research' and 'good practice'. 

The shift from sharing my strategies (for teaching any students to read, write and spell) into the wider topic of 'what works in literacy education' is the new focus at Read Australia®.

We are therefore embarking on a new project, and welcome contributions from those who share our passion for teaching and for literacy.  

We understand our new site may conflict with the current understanding of 'evidence based practice' and the push for more data collection and 'measurable outcomes' however few teachers have a voice, especially while they are actually teaching, and effective change cannot take place when important voices are silenced.